– Genki System has an open mind environment to learn anything & express your opinions.
– Your income depends on Performance and Attitude, NOT based on age, seniority or title.
– We have many attractive projects where you can learn and use new techniques.
– You can work with flexible time, work remotely or on-site
– A safe, funny, balanced, flexible, inclusive, positive & dynamic environment.
– No degree needed 


– Company trip
– Health check
– Salary 13th
– Team building every month
– Have chance onsite in Japan
– Others : Tea-break and coffee , Birthday gift, Skill books, Deep tech seminars, ect.
– Salary : Negotiable

POSITION : Flutter/ Golang engineers
Project : Personal Healthcare Record Application

Start date of work : As soon as possible
Deadline : 30/04/2023

I. Job Description : 
– Design API server / Design SPA with Flutter web
– Coding by Golang or Flutter web
– Testing 
– Review design, review code
– Teamwork, meeting and proposing ideas to improve your projects & customers
– Support members as much as possible.

This is a little information about our project :

With the goal of always using the best, our project will use : 
+ Golang: a very fast and simple language, easy to handle concurrency, thus fewer bugs and easy to maintain.
Flutter : is an open-source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.
Google Cloud Platform services (Google Identity Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine…) : to improve system security.
CI/CD : Automate repetitive tasks to reduce meaningless man-hours.
UI/UX : Gives the best user experience.

II. Key skills you need 
– Solid Computer Science fundamentals, and excellent problem-solving skills. 
– Able to work with self-management skills
– Good person 
– Have experience at least 2 years in these techniques: Flutter web/ Golang