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Welcome innovation in business with Genki System


We create flexible & creative applications
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Welcome innovation in business with Genki System


We create flexible & creative applications
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Welcome innovation in business with Genki System


We create flexible & creative applications
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Our Service


System development by using Japan Quality

With experience and the knowledge in the forefront of system development in 15 years in Japan. We can develop and provide a system to customers without giving a sense of incongruity.
Japanese communicator is also available. 


Providing System development procedure

We can perform all the processes from definition of System Requirements,to Design, Construction and Operation.
In fact, we receive a lot of project from Requirements definition support, system ground design. . 


Providing Latest technology

We always follow the latest technology, and provide the systems using new technologies.
We can build a system provide value for a long time by adopting new technology.

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Our Mission

Make the World GENKI !!!
"GENKI" - Japanese word meaning healthy, active and excited. We pursue the mission of "Make the World GENKI" by integrating positivity and creativity into each of our technology products. Our goal is to create a strong technology environment, aiming to contribute to building a good and energetic future in the IT field.

Our Vision

  • We get No.1 customer satisfaction.
  • We give No.1 technology (Productivity, Quality)

    We give No.1 hospitality.

    We give an impression.

  • We get No.1 employee satisfaction
  • We find your goal and get challenge.

    We get self control.

    We get wholeness. We are always ourselves.

    We have open mind.

    We support ourselves to get them.

  • We are good people in society.
  • We try to understand the others in society.

    Our Value

  • Ownership
  • Find what you want and complete it

  • Challenge and Positive
  • Just think/say “yes I can” and do your best.
    (and fail)

  • Confidence (Trust) and Respect
  • Listen and understand

  • Teamwork
  • Disagree and commit

  • Happiness
  • Wholeness(being yourself, safety, open mind), self-control,
    having goal and trying hard make you happy.

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    Who we are

    Genki System is a in Mobile App and Website Development, dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest technology and global trends. By integrating cutting-edge solutions, we create systems that deliver enduring value for our clients. Having successfully managed numerous projects for established corporations, our technical capabilities are firmly established. We take pride in having delivered three comprehensive Products (Hotel, Fintech, AI), with an ongoing commitment to developing new and innovative products. 

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    Our Expertise

    Our expertise lies in developing web and mobile applications, applying flexible technology tailored to the requirements of each project.
    For every client, we provide appropriate technical solutions, ensuring stable performance and quality in each product. 



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    Customer Talk About Us

    Customer of Ama Town Rental Car Project

    The weekly meeting minutes make it clear that the project is progressing smoothly, which gives us a great sense of security as the client.
    I am very impressed with the honest product that has all the necessary functions. 

    Customer of Cydas Project

    I think the communicator's Japanese skills are high and the communication is good, so the Japanese side is able to work without stress.
    The analysis of issues, such as breaking down tasks, has been done well, and the implementation skills of each individual are very high, which is very helpful. 

    Customer of Forepass Project

    Very satisfied with the response and speed of development.
    At the present time, you have created an application according to our expectations.

    Customer of ISSO Project

    I am very satisfied with both the technical ability and quality. It is also very helpful that you are interested in our products and make suggestions.

    Customer of Logsiru Project

    Thank you very much for your quick response and for being very helpful. Also, the UI you proposed has excellent usability, and since I don't have much knowledge about systems, I would be very grateful if you could lend me your wisdom.

    Customer of Smart Hotel Solutions Project

    Thank you for always offering ideas from your employees' and customers' perspectives on how to improve. I see that you are not only thinking about developing the necessary functionality, but also trying to think about how to improve further.