2002Graduated from University of Marine Systems Engineering, Osaka University
2002Join IBM Japan.
In the first year of joining the company, he received the award for the best employee in the training process among about 1000 new employees, including member companies.

After that, he mainly participated in the development and operation of the financial channel system.

In an e-bank building project for a large bank, as Project Leader/ Lead architect, he built the banking system, leading about 200 members including offshore (Shanghai).

In addition, he also took on the leading role of many other projects such as building accounting channel systems of regional banks, developing financial S/W packages, trust banks, and corporates. cards, etc.
2017Joined Nihon Genki Investment company (Japan)
With experience in developing financial systems, he built a community fundraising platform (Cloud funding platform) in Vietnam.
2018Established「Genki System Corporation」,「Shin Genki Co., Ltd」